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Fox Aircraft Engineering (FAE) are based at Bagby International near Thirsk, North Yorkshire, in the United Kingdom. We provide airworthiness and engineering support to single- and multi-engine piston aircraft operating under EASA, National CAA and Permit to Fly Aircraft regulations.

Fox Aircraft Enginneering's Services and Support

Aircraft Service

We offer a full service and support capability for all privately operated aircraft, full CAMO services (as a Part 145 approved organisation) as required, and have FAA A&P and IA capability.

Pilot Support

Fox Aircraft Engineering offer full support for Private, ATO and DTO.

Approval Standards

We have EASA Part M Subpart F and G approval (UK MG 0284) (GA) [Cat: UK Part M SpG], Part 145, and a CAA National BCAR approval, CAA Approval (AI/10012/13) (A8-25).

Aircraft Parts

Fox Aircraft Engineering are an authorised and approved TRIG avionics dealer. We also offer TRIG's Express Lane service, providing support and advice well beyond your purchase.

Contacting Fox Aircraft Engineering

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General Contact Details

Please use these details to contact us for general information about Fox Aircraft Engineering or as a first point of contact.

Individual Team Members

If you need to contact a specific person directly, you can find the contact details for Fox Aircraft’s individual team members by following this link:

Specialist Aircraft Engineering

With a wealth of engineering experience and by holding the appropriate approval standards, Fox Aircraft can provide the owners of privately operated aircraft with a full range of service and support options.

Why Choose Fox Aircraft?

Experienced Team

Our engineering and airworthiness teams have amassed decades of operational experience in managing, operating and maintaining aircraft under 2730 kg.

Approval Standards

Fox Aircraft Engineering holds an EASA Part M Subparts F and G approval (UK MG 0284) and a CAA National BCAR approval CAA Approval (AI/10012/13).

Aircraft Service and Support

Fox Aircraft Engineering offers a full service and support capability for all privately operated aircraft. We can provide full CAMO services as required, and have FAA A&P and IA capability. We can support Private, ATO & DTO, and are also authorised approved TRIG avionics dealers.

Finding Us

Information for those driving or flying in to Bagby Airfield, including detailed real-time updates on weather conditions.