Continued Airworthiness Management Organisation

Fox Aircraft Engineering as a CAMO

Fox Aircraft Engineering has a full Continued Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO) service capability, as authorised by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) under its Implementing Rules EU 1321/2014, Continued Airworthiness in accordance with EASA Part M Subparts F and G – wherein we offer full support for Private, ATO and DTO – where, as a preferred maintenance provider, we are an approved Part 145 organisation.

As an active CAMO, Fox Aircraft Engineering’s responsibility to you is one of an ongoing commitment to keeping your aircraft airworthy.

Not only does this require that we maintain its fundamental airworthiness, but that both it and its components are audited as legally required by the competent authorities, and that all appropriate and associated documentation is maintained, both onsite and offsite, to establish a full aircraft history.

Our Engineering and Services

FAA A&P and IP Capability

Maintenance and service are completed onsite to uphold and maintain airworthiness standards.

To meet these needs, our engineers have Part 145 facility and FAA airframe and powerplant (A&P) and inspection authority (IA) approval, ensuring not only the ongoing maintenance of your aircraft but that installed avionics are inspected and maintained/replaced when needed, and that Manufacturer’s Service Bulletins are reviewed and implemented as necessary.

All associated documentation is maintained on an ongoing basis as part of your aircraft history, with onsite paper storage and electronic storage both onsite and offsite.

As your CAMO, we can ensure your annual maintenance requirements are completed and your Airworthiness Review Certificate is issued, thereby giving you peace of mind that your aircraft will be fit to fly.

FAE Approvals

EASA Part M SpG and BCAR

In accordance with the above, Fox Aircraft Engineering have EASA Part M Subparts F and G approval (UK MG 0284) (GA) [Cat: UK Part M SpG] to deal with aircraft subject to EASA regulation.

Further, we also meet Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) British Civil Airworthiness Requirements (BCAR) approval (A1/10012/130) [Cat A8-25: BCAR CAMO] and (AMR/376)(GA)(A8-15) for aircraft excluded from European Council Regulation (EC) 216/2008 (non-EASA aircraft).

In our case, we specialise in single- and twin-engine piston aircraft below 2730 kg (6000 lb) of metal, composite, wooden or mixed construction.

TRIG Avionics Dealer

Authorised TRIG Dealer and Express Lane Services

As part of our commitment to providing quality replacement parts, Fox Aircraft Engineering are an authorised TRIG avionics dealer.

We further offer TRIG’s Express Lane Service, and as such are not only responsible for ensuring the installation of your avionics to the highest of standards but have an ongoing commitment to offering support and advice for TRIG parts well beyond your initial purchase.